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Jawo was established in 1993. Our vast, nearly 20 years' experience in the industry as well as hundreds of completed projects make us one of the leading companies manufacturing POS materials, advertising stands, cardboard display racks as well as board games and jigsaw puzzles in Gdynia. We continuously face new challenges looking for new concepts. We look forward in our plans and actions.

Jawo is primarily a team. Experienced specialists and fiends of materials supporting sales. Our team including employees of the project and sales department faces the challenge of providing highest quality sales supporting services every day. We strive for that through our creativity and guarantee of competent and complex customer service. It is our team that determines the company's professionalism, quality of the products and services such as POS materials, advertising stands, cardboard display racks as well as board games and jigsaw puzzles in Gdynia. We appreciate knowledge in our cooperation with the customer, so we always focus on staying informed and smooth communication. We operate in a comprehensive way – that's why we provide support at every stage of manufacturing advertising materials. We guarantee highest quality advisory, taking into account the customer's needs and current trends in promotion and advertising.

Initially, the priority objective of our company in Gdynia consisted in manufacture of games and jigsaw puzzles for children. Gradually, gaining more and more experience in processing cardboard and paper, we began making other products and services in this field. Today's Jawo is a professional team and a cutting edge machinery park. This has allowed us to expand the range of our services, which now includes, among others, manufacture of POS materials, advertising stands and cardboard display racks in Gdynia. This allows to service customers such as advertising agencies, print shops and many other companies with a wide range of POS materials, promotional packagings and other specific tailor-made products. We provide all of our services comprehensively – starting from an idea, to printing, manufacture and transport. The effects of our work are visible at many locations – points of sale, financial institutions and other types of public spaces.

In addition to the aforementioned services, we also provide:

  • services using punching machines (also processing of some plastic materials)
  • manual and machine laminating
  • die cut packaging
  • packaging and freight forwarding of the manufactured products
  • stocking of the manufactured displays and freight forwarding them
  • and other, at customer's request


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We manufacture various advertising, promotional and sales promotion items from paper, construction paper and cardboard. They include: stands, leaflet dispensers, displays, racks, baskets, hangers, presenters and pattern books. POS materials in Gdynia? Only at Jawo!

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Jawo from Gdynia manufactures primarily traditional games such as: Jumping hats, Ludo, Draughts, Connotations and a monopoly-type family gift game called Info business-city business. Our product range includes puzzles for small children with large elements in unique packagings: Super way, Super faces and others.

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The wide range of our services is complemented by manufacture of cardboard packagings, promotional packagings and services using machines as well as supplementary manual works. Among others, we offer laminated packagings, die cut packagings, veneer covered boxes and packaging of goods.

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